9 out of 10 customers would recommend the faunik ADVENTURE camps to a friend or relative!

I loved my week spent at the faunik camp. If my mother lets me, I’d love to go back. I liked living in the woods and the camp counsellors are super nice. I made friends and I had a lot of fun!

Hugo 10 years old

I had fun cooking outside, I meet someone famous, I played on the beach and sleept in a tent. All of these things were very unusual for me and I enjoyed it. Thank you faunik.

Mathias, 13 years old

I loved being in a tent and the camp counsellors were super cool , entertaining and fun. I even enjoyed cooking and doing the dishes because I was with other campers like me. When I got there, I didn’t know anyone but throughout the week I made some good friends that I will keep in contact with. Thank you for the great experience!

David 14 years old

I really had a great time at the at Faunik Adventure camp. I made lots of friends, I learned to cook good breakfasts (my parents are delighted!), I had fun with some really fun games, and the ultimate, I met my idol Etienne Boulay, what an extraordinary day in his company

Leonardo 9 years old

My son spent an extraordinary week at the Faunik Adventure camp. I recommend this camp without hesitation. The concept is very interesting. There is no need to drive our child on the other side of the world as a bus picked them up close to home. Another great thing is that the kids cook their own meals!! My son was so happy to have won the best pancakes of the week competition! The counsellors are dynamic and I felt that my son was in good hands. In short, thank you Faunik Adventure for having allowed my son to live great moments! Also thank you for having shared photos of the camp during his stay, as parents we truly appreciated it.

Chantal (mother)

I highly recommend to everyone to take part in the Faunik adventure camps because the service is outstanding! The team really wants to make your stay easy and most enjoyable! This was a real vacation as it should be, camping without any of the hassle... there was true happiness !!! Thank you, especially Cedric for his patience, professionalism and good humour !!!!!!

Janie-Claude St-Yves, psychoeducator, scout counselor and mother of 5 children and now proud ambassador for Faunik adventure !!!!!

Help! My daughters are addicted!! This is the first time in their young lives they are so enthusiastic to participate in a summer camp. When I asked what was so different from the other places they have tried, they said; it’s simple it is the animation team that makes all the difference. They have tons of imagination, their games are fun which simply makes us want to participate at everything they throw at us. In addition they gave us the chance to meet celebrities which also contributes to the magic. I initially had signed them up for one week of camp and now next week will be their 4th week at the camp.
As for me, I was scared when I drove them the 1st week, as I must confess that I had imposed this on them but when I saw the friendly looking counsellors, I actually wanted to come along. Hats off to the whole team because it is not obvious to please teenagers with anything other than games on the internet but you’ve succeeded and I thank you for it!
My daughter is the intellectual type, with a passion to read, write and listen to music. After several weeks of basically `doing nothing`, and tired of asking her to play outside, to enjoy the fresh air, I found her THE solution that I thought would be good for her health: the Faunik Adventure camp … Like any teenager who is forced to do something, she pouted for a few days! Well her week was so special that as soon as she came back, she wanted to leave again and with a smile! The group of counsellors was really wonderful, the place was beautiful, the activities were fun and she met interesting guests … So I finally I signed her up for a second week at her request. Thank you all for having filled my daughter’s summer with countless fun memories.
My daughter spent a wonderful week at the Faunik Adventure camp. She wants to go back and her smile in all the pictures simple spoke volumes of her happiness!
It was the first time I signed-up my 11 year old son at a summer camp. He went with a friend and he truly enjoyed his week. He had plenty to tell us upon his return and he did not fail to tell us how the activities were really cool and the ALL the counselors were funny, playful and always ready to have fun. Thank you for the pictures of our children which were available throughout the week, seeing their smiles helped us get over our anxiety. Thank you and congratulations to all the organizers!
I loved my stay at the camp. The counselors are awesome! Sleeping in a tent with five other girls and cooking for all my friends was really a good experience. At faunik we never got bored. What I liked most…was everything! We hiked a mountain for 5h30, it was so rewarding. We also played tons of games in the water. This is a great camp for young people who want to be in nature and camping. I RECOMMEND THIS CAMP !!!!!!

Juliette (Grapefruit)

The camp was clean, the equipment was good and I liked the raccoons. I loved it all !
Thank you for the wonderful moments you allowed my daughter to live…
This was the first summer camp experience for my daughter. Everyone was anxious before she left for camp, including her. We had registered her for the week in Orford with the special guest Vincent Vallieres. She simply LOVED it! Everything was perfect!! She even said you were like a family to her! (she can be quite intense) Anyway, next year we want to reregister for several weeks. Thank you again for everything and good luck!
What you do is awesome! Keep doing it!!!
Thank you for allowing my daughter to live unforgettable moments. In addition to initiating her to camping and wilderness survival, she enjoyed her week with a great team of camp counselors who were funny and very creative in the activites they played. I wanted to give her the opportunity I had when I was younger, she definitely lived special moments as when she returned from her week, she had sparkling eyes and a heart full of memories. Thank you :)
The quality of the counselors, the surrounding nature and the concept of learning to live in the outdoors are definitely what makes this camp different. For my child, it really was the counselors that made the difference! Thank you to the entire team☺
My boy has returned more than enthusiastic. He learned how to make french toast and delighted us in preparing some at home. The camp was excellent for his autonomy, he played lots of sports and as a bonus, he met his idol !!! My little football player was dazzled by Etienne Boulay. Thank you again and we’ll see you next year. I just can’t wait for my 3 other children to be old enough so they can also have the chance to go to your camp.