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Six excellent reasons for choosing our fun summer camps 1. Our playground:The Quebec national park network. The faunik ADVENTURE fun summer camps camps take place in the Quebec national parks, which are a true natural paradise where the air is fresh and the landscapes are simply spectacular! What better than to offer a true natural camping experience to your children? The forest, the hiking trails , the mountains and their spectacular peaks , the thousands of lakes… all is there to enjoy great outdoor activities and discover all the animal species that live there. Our program of activities allows us to have fun all day… and explore the hidden natural treasures. 2. Our competitive prices Surely you’ve noticed how the prices for our fun summer camps are competitive. In fact, it is because we want all children to be able to have the chance to enjoy a memorable summer vacation experience in the heart of our national parks . 3. Our trained counselors and our fun program of activities! Our counselors are on average 20 years old, they have all undertaken over 60 hours of training as required by the ACQ, this in addition to having additional professional experiences in working in camps. Our counselors are bilingual, caring, fun, active, creative … and so endearing! With our passionate team of counselors, your children will discover life in the forest the faunik way: incredible treks, water games on superb sandy beaches, canoeing, kayaking, the ABC’s of camping in the wilderness (pitching a tent, preparing their food, roasting marshmallows to perfection, etc.), learn about local fauna, paddle boat races, bonfires with songs and storytelling, etc. Our program of activities is approved by the Emmanuel Daigle a professional expedition guide and is adapted according to the age group of your child as well as the selected national park. 4. Our high standards of quality and safety measures. Our fun summer camps are organized according to the highest standards of safety, supervision, nutrition and environmental protection. Of course, faunik ADVENTURE is certified by the Association des Camps du Québec (ACQ), which ensures that we comply with 60 standards that addresses processes and procedures for best in class safety, supervision, programming, environment, as well as health and food requirements. In addition, through our collaboration with Parcs Québec, we have the support of trained lifeguards for all our water activities as well as access to the health care teams that are present in all of Parcs Québec locations which complement our staff team who are also trained in first aid support. Finally, the limited size of our fun summer camps allows us to personalized our approach and know each of our campers. Our most recent survey reported a customer satisfaction rate of 98%…that’s close to perfection! 5. Our “all-inclusive’’ camping formula. Parents love the simplicity of our ” all inclusive’’ camping formula as faunik ADVENTURE takes care of everything … the children only have to bring their personal belongings, a sleeping bag and their pillow. We provide all the camping equipment (including tents) and all the food for meals and snacks while closely monitoring food restrictions and allergies. Our meals are healthy, hearty, well balanced and approved by a nutritionist. Finally, if you prefer, we can also provide your child’s transportation to the camp by bus (from Longueuil, Montreal and Laval), with our counselor teams. 6. To follow your child on Facebook: As we publish daily pictures of our activities on our Facebook page, you will be able to follow your child throughout the week, we know this is very much appreciated by parents. Your child will also be able to refer to the pictures on his/her return, and tell you his/her special moments throughout their vacation in our fun summer camps. You will also be able to watch and share these souvenirs with your friends and loved one.